I know I am not the only one, since so many people have told me that they too are experiencing contacts dropping out of their phone, or laptop and emails that never make it to their desired destination (both incoming and outgoing on my end), so this post is two-fold. 

First off, if you do not receive a response from Tina or I, something is very wrong.  We follow up by email, text or a phone call, whichever deems appropriate or possibly by all communication options.  So I strongly suggest that if you are in need of assistance, please call us or text us to nudge us in case we did not receive your email or you didn't receive one from us.

Secondly, if any one is an expert on the subject of disappearing data please share a solution.  I have spent many hours, days, months and a few years trying to get my laptop and phone to talk to one another "consistently".  I do not use the cloud so the data that should be resident on my laptop should not disappear.  Anyone with thoughts, please chime in.

Above all Staying in Touch is a two way street, so please reach out to us for assistance.