We always ask sellers when we list properties, "do you have your abstract or know where your abstract is" and often times they don't know or have it stored in some place other than an abstract office.  Thus begins the search and hopefully located before the sales contract is signed.  Another issue is when there is a mobile or doublewide it is important to not only know where the title is, but to have it in sellers name prior to a contract to sell, unless the title was surrendered. And another very important issue, is if you sell off any portion of your property prior to sale to another buyer, PLEASE, PLEASE have a deed filed to correct the tax records and properly convey the deed to the new owner.  We have had sellers sign a listing agreement without verifying their full legal description that we often obtain from court records or a deed. So if any changes have been made regarding the interest sellers have in real property, please have this amended prior to the sale.  The last thing you want to do is have an issue a week before closing.  It makes for a very unpleasant transaction.