We hope the year has gotten off to a great start for you.  We are experiencing a super 3 days of 2017 after a tremendous New Year Celebration. First off, 3 of our fabulous Oklahoma College Football teams won their bowl games, Tulsa University, Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University. Congratulations to all.

We are also getting inundated with texts, phone calls, and emails regarding new real estate investments.  The rates are still incredibly low so shop around for the best rate and term that fits your needs then check in with us to assist you with finding the most suitable property.  We generally receive lots of new property listings during this time and we encourage you to visit our site and search current listings.  If you don't see it here, reach out to us to see if something new is about to enter the market.

Here is a link to show you what the rates are like.  https://www.zillow.com/mortgage-rates/.

Happy New Year to all, and hope that 2017 brings new relationships, prosperity, hope and love to everyone.